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Thank you to everyone who participated in eXL 2022, the annual conference on experiential learning for all! If you’d like to rewatch your favorite speakers, you can do so here: eXL 2022 We’ll be posting the video recordings as they become available!

Upcoming XtremeLabs Events

Welcome to our August MCT meetup, led by Armando Lacerda! Anyone can register to join – whether you are an MCT, prospective MCT, or just interested in why and how to become one!

Welcome to our May MCT meetup, led by Robert McMillen! Anyone can register to join – whether you are an MCT, prospective MCT, or just interested in why and how to become one!

XtremeLabs hosts their first MCT Meetup led by Tiago Costa. Meet with other MCTs to discuss MCT benefits, lab prep, MCT exams and certifications, and more! Register Now.

How XtremeLabs works with MCTs


Classroom Training
  • The original Microsoft ALH
  • Updated features in a platform that responds to MCT needs
  • Pre-classroom setup and access
  • Extensive digital learning lab catalog with all Microsoft titles and other technologies
  • Contact sales@xtremelabs.io for a demo with our team


Lab Prep

XtremeLabs is the official lab hoster for the MCT Readiness program. Free lab prep is part of your Readiness benefits! MCTs can gain access to Microsoft labs for class prep by validating their MCID and the associated email address. The email you use for your MLO account must be the same email your MCT credentials are registered to. If they are different, you will first need to create a new account with the proper email address. MCTs can practice with the digital learning lab before your classroom starts in a live environment. If you encounter any issues linking your XtremeLabs account, please reach out to our Support Team, providing your current MCT email and MCID.

The Readiness program gives MCTs access to tools, discounts, and support, including labs that can be used for teaching prep

From the MCT Central page under “Program Benefits and Tools,” you can find a document that explains the benefits:

Lab Benefits include:
  • Free access to hosted lab environment for classroom preparations
  • Lab environments with the same staged Virtual Machines, lab steps, and tools found in the classroom version of labs
  • New labs are added every week; all active Microsoft Official Curriculum and Instructor-Led Courseware with a lab component are included

MCT Info and Resources

How to Get Involved with XtremeLabs

We want your help to improve our labs!

Do you want to join the Beta Testing Program to help improve the XtremeLabs platform and test our labs?

Benefits of joining the Beta Testing Program include:

  • Early access to labs,
  • Premium support, and
  • The opportunity to expedite lab features and fixes that matter to you and your teaching.

Email info@xtremelabs.io to join the program!


Other Events

Further your goals with Microsoft events for Azure Technologies. Explore special events and learning opportunities created to help you expand your expertise, learn new skills, and build community.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days are free, in-depth, virtual training events that guide you toward the many possibilities for career and organizational impact today and tomorrow. 

Learn about the latest developments in cloud technology and hear insights from featured Hong Kong customers such as Mox Bank, Lalamove, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hong Kong Disneyland, FWD Group, and many more.

Stay up to date with MCT program updates with our latest September MCT Town Hall.



The MCT Community is organizing the European MCT Summit this year in Zurich Switzerland! The Conference this year is focused on deepening Trainers knowledge on many technologies within the MS Software and Services Portfolio in three parallel technical tracks as well as a track dedicated to enhancing your Presentation and delivery skills.


Explore the latest innovations, learn from product experts and partners, level up your skillset, and create connections from around the world.


MCT Testimonials

“I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure Solutions Architect Expert. As such, I LOVE XtremeLabs and it really helps me stay up-to-date.”

– Scott Watkins, MCT

“You guys are fantastic in how fast you respond. Even my wife made a comment how wonderful it is that a company responds that quickly by phone to address your needs.”

– MCT and college instructor from Belfast

All thanks to lab providers like Xtreme Labs today, who allow us to spin off labs quickly for a hands-on practical experience. It enables trainers to put their effort into facilitating the experiential learning process.

– Siddick, MCT

This email conversation is the EXACT reason, I chose you all (XtremeLabs) as our lab provider of choice over the competitors. Thank you for aggressively following up on this.  Keep up the work!

Chris, MCT from Texas