New Updates to Gemini Platform

November 2019
Updates have been made to our labs platform to enhance our user experience. XtremeLabs added a new Statistics page. Students will be able to view the progress of each lab they have begun or completed. A What’s New page will show news about labs and user experience.

XtremeLabs LLC Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium

  Market leader expands support for open technology standards for teaching and learning XtremeLabs LLC, a leading provider of hands-on labs for training, examinations and certifications is now a Contributing Member of IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS...

XtremeLabs Attends the 43rd PTC Summit!

The XtremeLabs Certification & Examination (XCE) product allows proctors, instructors and other training experts to monitor and receive real-time results of those learning in the lab environment. The stress-free XCE product design eases testing anxiety and...

Gemini Updates – And Announcing New Features!

October 2019
In August, XtremeLabs released Gemini, a new updated user interface for our lab portal. Gemini was the first release in a serious of product updates scheduled for our lab portal. There are new classroom search capabilities as well as some layout changes, and some of our favorite features, such as the ability to save and resume a lab module, are now cleaner and easier to use.