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Instructor-led classes have made a shift from in-person to virtual delivery.  To assist the instructors and faculty in managing virtual classes, XtremeLabs has developed a light-weight integration feature for various cloud-based virtual video meeting providers.  This new feature is live now and can be set up through the Manage Classroom section of the XtremeLabs platform.

When setting up the classroom, the instructors can add details about the virtual meeting that will be used for their class. All the major virtual meeting providers are supported including Zoom®, Microsoft Teams ®, Cisco Webex®, Adobe Connect®, and others.

Figure 1: Select Virtual Meeting Provider

Figure 2: Provider Meeting URL


The instructor or classroom administrator will select the Virtual Meeting provider and provide the meeting URL.  And that is all and it super simple.

When students login to their digital hands-on learning labs, they will see a Join Meeting button in the top bar of the XtremeLabs Lab Viewer.  Students can join the meeting by simply clicking on the button. A separate window will appear which will allow them to enter the virtual meeting set up by their instructor.

Figure 3: Join Meeting Tab


XtremeLabs continues to innovate and make lives easier for our instructors and learners!  Read about our recently launched Screenshot feature and also our Cloud Express Pass feature for Azure.